+DopeCoinDealer Reddit TipBot is Now Up and Dealing

You’ve probably found you way here because you received an tip from the DopeCoinDealer tip on the /r/dopecoin Subreddit. Or perhaps you want to send a tip, or have seen +/u/dopecoindealer mentioned on Reddit somewhere and wondered what it is. So here is the explanation of it.

What’s a tip bot?

The bot is a piece of code that acts kind of like a robot. This particular ‘robot’ knows how to use Reddit, and operates the account /u/dopecoindealer. This allows it to communicate via commands in messages, and notice if you mention it in a thread somewhere.

The bot is also kind of like a banker, and operates a DopeCoin wallet address for each of its users. When combined with the Reddit account part, users can direct the bot to send the DopeCoin cryptocurrency between each other by issuing certain commands.

Basically, you can send people money just by leaving a comment in a thread — which really could change the way we use the internet.

I’ve received a tip, what do I do with it?

If you get tipped in a Reddit thread, you will receive a personal message from the bot shortly afterwards. Reply to the bot’s message with the following message:



This will create you an account with the tip-bot, with its own wallet address assigned to it. The tip you received will then be put in this wallet as your balance on the bot. It can be re-tipped to others or withdrawn to your actual wallet (or any other address). Look down the page for instructions on these actions.

I’ve never used the bot before but want to register:

If you’ve not yet received a tip, but want to create an account with the bot. Send the bot a personal message on reddit, exactly how it can be seen in the following image:


After a short while, you’ll get a reply from the bot. It will welcome you, and tell you that you can now issue commands:


Clicking the blue links at the bottom of this message will automatically fill out a message with the corresponding command, saving you from having to type them each time.

The bot has now created you a wallet address, and any future tips to your Reddit account will be held by the bot as your tip balance.

How can I check or top-up my balance?

Checking your balance is also by sending the bot a message like the one seen above, but with a different subject and message content:

Subject: info
Message: +info

The bot will respond with a message that looks similar to this, which tells you your current balance. It will also contain the wallet address that you can send coins to in order to top-up your balance:


To top-up just send coins to the address shown here and shortly afterwards it will be added to your balance.

How do I send a tip?

To send a tip, just reply to the comment or reply to the thread of the person that you want to tip. Somewhere in your comment include the following text:

+/u/dopecoindealer 1 Dope

Replace the number with however many (including decimal places if needed) DopeCoin you want to send. If you need to demonstrate publicly that your balance covered this send the following:

+/u/dopecoindealer 1 Dope +verify

The bot will then reply to the comment to confirm that the tip has been processed.

If you want to send a tip to a certain person (not by replying), include the person’s username as follows (with or without the verify that’s above):

+/u/ dopecoindealer @username 1 Dope

How do I withdraw my balance to my actual wallet?
Once again, send a private message to the user “dopecoindealer” with the following command, replacing “ADDRESS” and” AMOUNT” with the DopeCoin wallet address you wish to withdraw to and the number of coins to withdraw:

Subject: withdraw
Message: +withdraw ADDRESS AMOUNT DopeCoin

You’ll see the coins arrive in the wallet address you entered shortly after sending this message.

Can I view or check past transactions?
DopeCoindealer can tell you the exact details of your most recent 75 transactions. Once again send a message with the following:

Subject: history
Message: +history

Soon after sending you’ll receive a reply with everything you could want to know about your recent transactions with the bot that looks like this:

Let me know what you think of the DopeCoinDealer with a comment below or receive some DopeCoins from the DopeCoinDealer news story!

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